Second Mortgage

A Second Mortgage is simply a mortgage made while the primary mortgage is still in effect. HELOC’s and piggyback loans tend to be put under second mortgages.


Who Would A Second Mortgage Benefit

Those that would want to use the funding from the second mortgage to increase the value of your home would benefit from a second mortgage. Doing this can help maintain the equity in your home


Advantages of a Second Mortgage

·       Allows you to touch unused equity in your home

·       HELOC’s as well as home equity loans can pay for big-ticket items such as renovations or college

·       Interest rates on second mortgages tend to be lower than on private loans or credit cards


Disadvantages of a Second Mortgage

·       If you cannot pay the second mortgage you could risk losing your home

·       It cost more to close on a second mortgage

·       If you do not have enough equity in your home it may be hard to qualify for a second mortgage


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·      Our great customer service continues even after you close

·      You can manage your mortgage online after you close. Also, no hidden fees

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