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Welcome to Tampa Bay Home Mortgage. If you are a homeowner that is age 62 or older, currently living in your home, paid off your mortgage, and put down a sizable amount, you may qualify for the reverse mortgage loan. You are able to use a reverse mortgage loan to buy your primary home if you are able to pay with cash.  

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What is a Reverse Mortgage Loan? | Florida Reverse Mortgage Loan

Unlike a traditional mortgage that you have to pay each month, a reverse mortgage loan makes the payments to you. It has the same feel as a cash-back process.  You are able to receive these payments in bulk to use however you wish. 

We pride ourselves on offering reverse mortgage loans that require no repayment as long as it is your primary residence. You simply need to fulfill the borrower's requirements. That includes maintaining the property, paying property taxes and hazard insurance. 

If you were to pass away, your loan would be due, however, the amount due will always be less than your balance or value of your home. All proceeds in addition to what you owe now belong to your estate. In other words, the remaining equity and value in your home can be passed down. 

Unlike the loan balance of a conventional mortgage, which becomes smaller with each monthly payment, the loan balance of a reverse mortgage loan grows larger over time.

Pros and Advantages of The Reverse Mortgage Loan Option:

Below are the following payment plans available: 

The Person Borrowing Requirements:

Financial requirements:

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