Piggyback Loan

Piggyback Loan is a term used when someone gets a second mortgage at the same time as their first. Usually, this is used to avoid private mortgage insurance, higher interest rates, or having to take out a jumbo loan.


Who Would Benefit From A Piggyback Loan

Those who are looking to make a low down payment on their new home or trying to avoid monthly private mortgage insurance costs would benefit greatly from a piggyback loan.


Benefits of a Piggyback Loan

·       Avoid paying for Private Mortgage Insurance

·       Avoid Higher Interest Rates

·       Avoid having to take out jumbo loans

·       You could pay the second mortgage off early to avoid more interest


Disadvantages of a Piggyback Loan

·       The second mortgage may have a higher interest rate than the first

·       With private mortgage insurance, it can be canceled after your loan dips below 80% of your home value but piggyback loans are there until you fully pay them off

·       You could run into trouble trying to refinance your mortgages


The Benefits of Getting a Loan From Tampa Bay Home Mortgage

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·      Our home loan experts are available to chat via chat, email, and telephone to assist you

·      Our great customer service continues even after you close

·      You can manage your mortgage online after you close. Also, no hidden fees

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