No Income Investor Cash Flow

Investor Cash flow loans allow you to borrow on the equity in your home without requiring a personal income to qualify. Tends to be placed as an Interest Only Loan.


Who Would Benefit From An Investor Cash Flow Loan

Investor Cash Flow Loans are made to benefit people who have a steady income and are looking to invest in their future.


How To Qualify for An Investor Cash Flow Loan

·       Credit Score of 600 or higher

·       Loan to value ratio of up to 80%

·       Minimum loan amount of $75,000

·       Must own primary residence


Advantages of Investor Cash Flow Loans

·       No Personal Income is needed in order to qualify

·       Qualification based upon property cash flow only

·       Employment and Income not required in enclose

·       Residential Properties up to 4 units

·       Interest Only Loan options


The Benefits of Getting a Loan From Tampa Bay Home Mortgage

·      You are able to complete your application completely online with live help.

·      Our home loan experts are available to chat via chat, email, and telephone to assist you

·      Our great customer service continues even after you close

·      You can manage your mortgage online after you close. Also, no hidden fees

Why Choose Tampa Bay Home Mortgage

Tampa Bay Home Mortgage is ready and willing to provide quality service to those in need. We treat each need in accordance to the person and their needs. Choose us today!