What Is a Non-Permanent Resident Loan

Non-Permanent Resident Loans finance mortgages for non-U.S. citizens living in the United States. The process for a non-permanent residence loan is similar to a typical mortgage loan but some additional documentation is required (AD Mortgage).

How do Non-Permanent Resident Loans Work / Who do they Benefit

Non- Permanent Resident loans are designed for borrowers seeking a home loan, who are authorized to live and work in the United States for a temporary time but are not U.S. citizens (AD Mortgage).

What Are the Requirements / How to Qualify (AD Mortgage)

·      FICO 660

·      Valid Employment Authorization document

·      I-797 Form

·      Valid Employment VISA

Benefits (AD Mortgage)

·      Up to 90% Combined Loan to Value (CLTV)

·      Cryptocurrencies accepted for reserves, down payments and closing costs

·      Bank statements allowed

·      Up to $4 Million