Mixed Use/Short Term AirBNB

Mixed Use loans are used when getting a loan for a building that will have more than one purpose. These purposes can be residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional. These loans can be short or long-term ranging from 6 months to 30 years. Any building with 2 or more units can qualify for a mixed-use loan.


Who Does Mixed Use Loans Benefit?

·       Real Estate Investors looking for both commercial and residential tenants.

·       Business Owners looking for both work and living space

·       Business Owners looking to be a landlord

·       Real Estate Developers looking to build a Mixed-Use Development


Mixed Use Loan Benefits

·       Tends to be less risk for the borrower due to multiple income options.

·       More convenient for consumers due to not having to drive from store to store.

·       Mixed-Use can be more environmentally friendly due to all stores being located within walking vicinity.


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