What Is an ATR-In-Full Loan

An ATR-In-Full loan is a Non-QM Popular asset program. Borrower has certain amount of money, which can cover the purchase price or loan amount and closing cost. No employment info; No Debt to Income ratio (DTI).

How Do ATR-In-Full Work / Who Do They Benefit

With ATR-In-Full loans, borrowers do not have to be currently employed. Borrowers qualify with enough liquid assets to cover the loan balance.

What Are The Requirements / How To Qualify

·      Primary residence only

·      At least 6-month reserves from borrower’s own funds.

·      Eligible Assets Include; Cash, Stocks, Bonds, and personal liquid assets, retirement accounts = 50%

·      Minimum credit score of 600

·      Owner occupied only


·      Up to 75% LTV

·      Up to $4 Million loan amount

·      No limits on the number of properties financed

·      Min. 6-month reserves